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Finding Freedom



Professional counselor Valorie Smith, LSMW approached us with the goal of portraying freedom and fulfillment through counseling for her new therapy practice, Finding Freedom Counseling Center.


Brand Logos

Valorie was looking for specific imagery of chains breaking on the wrists of someone liberated. Yet, the challenge was maintaining this imagery with a sense of calm and warm spirit.

Like many of our clients, we began the process by listening — to Valorie and her wants and needs as well as staying in tune with what kind of presence a patient of Finding Freedom might want to feel when they visit her spaces online: inviting, warm, and comfortable.

Photography Package

Invite people in to your spaces with a series of photos that will strengthen and complement your brand.  The goal here was to give potential clients a clear picture of Valorie's space to welcome them in.

The brand stays consistent today and Valorie continues to help her clients break chains and feel welcome.

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