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A little bit of innovation and trying something new never looked so good. When the Foxscapes team approached us about developing their brand from the ground up, this lawn and landscaping company has dominated the green-saturated grounds keeping market with their sleek, modern, and bold brand style and their attention-seeking bright orange.


On top of that, the Foxscapes and Griffin teams committed to not marketing the company with a focus on numbers, dollar amounts, or anything that felt like "advertising." Instead, we helped develop their mission statement that is grounded in community and giving back — something that people genuinely care about.

Brand Logos

The strategy behind the Foxscapes image is a vibrant orange, straying away from the green colors traditionally used by the lawn and landscaping industry. It has made them stand out, recognized by their community, and have increased brand awareness several times over since.

Brand Videos

This series of videos give a sense of how all multimedia should cultivate an allegiance to your audience. For Foxscapes, it's strong, bold, and committed.

Rebrand Announcement

A creative take utilizing the tools at hand to announce the rebrand from Four Seasons to Foxscapes.

Founder Story

An engaging tell of the Foxscapes story, and the man behind it.


An in depth look about the purpose and mission behind Foxscapes' snow removal service. 

The idea of marketing with the mission of the brand rather than numbers and dollar signs is rare, but in this case, Griffin Media & Design made it more than effective. Today, Foxscapes continues to grow in clients, employees, and community.

This 12-page custom company handbook communicates the values and mission of the brand in a professional and attractive way.


Griffin Media & Design helps the Foxscapes brand remain cohesive not only online, but on the road and job sites as well.


It's important that the Foxscapes team is professional and united on the job site and in the community. These apparel designs make the brand personal.

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